This unit will center on early (albeit flawed) efforts at democratizing the nation. It will center on Jacksonian reforms, early industrial/transportation developments, immigration and the mid-nineteenth century reform era (less abolitionism).

Start with the unit outline below. What you will find is very basic -- it is your job to add the details and information you feel, based on your use of the text and AP related materials, is missing. Remember, this will ulltimately be your review source for the exam, therefore the key words are COMPLETE and CONCISE. Too much information or inclusion of useless information will destroy the intent. Once you are done here, go to any of the links below to add you comments regarding the text and supplemental readings. Overall comments go on the general discussions page.

creating a country (wpd) --
creating a country (word) --

bookwork-chapters 7 through 11
Thomas Jefferson-Political Compromiser
Revolution of 1800 and Principles of Ninety-Eight
Transit of Power
Jacksonian Democracy Versus Business Community
Jacksonians-Expectant Capitalists
Consensus and Ideology in Age of Jackson
Cult of True Womanhood-1820 to 1860
Lady and the Mill Girl
Women Working
Thomas Jefferson-Aristocrat as Democrat
Jackson and the Rise of Liberal Capitalism

other outside readings


change over time worksheet 1790-1823 (wpd) --
change over time worksheet 1790-1823 (word) --
change over time worksheet 1824-1850 (wpd) --
change over time worksheet 1824-1850 (word) --

student support materials

These materials are attached to the AP Interactive website. Please keep in mind that much of the material here is in addition to material covered in class and, therefore, should not be overlooked.


Andrew Jackson
Antebellum Reformers