This unit will trace the evolution and demise of slavery, sectional arguments, especially those related to the concept of Manifest Destiny along with the social and sectional divides created by the War Between the States.

Start with the unit outline below. What you will find is very basic -- it is your job to add the details and information you feel, based on your use of the text and AP related materials, is missing. Remember, this will ulltimately be your review source for the exam, therefore the key words are COMPLETE and CONCISE. Too much information or inclusion of useless information will destroy the intent. Once you are done here, go to any of the links below to add you comments regarding the text and supplemental readings. Overall comments go on the general discussions page.

sectionalism/slavery/conflict/reconstruction (wpd) --
sectionalism/slavery/conflict/reconstruction (word) --

bookwork-chapters 12 through 16
Conflict/Consensus in American Revolution
Conflict Over Slavery
Troublesome Property
Quality of Slave Labor and Racism
Black Work Ethic
Northern Response to Slavery
Abolitionist Beginnings
Slavery and Republican Ideology
Civil War and Spirit of Compromise
Reconstruction- A Revolution Manque
Freedmen and Reorganization of Plantation Labor
John C Calhoun-Marx of the Master Class
Lincoln and the Self Made Myth
Wendell Phillips-Patrician as Agitator
Reconstruction and Impeachment

other outside readings

political cartoons


change over time worksheet-westward expansion/slavery 1820-1850 (wpd) --
change over time worksheet-westward expansion/slavery 1820-1850 (word --
change over time worksheet-CW/reconstruction 1850-1877 (wpd) --
change over time worksheet-CW/reconstruction 1850-1877 (word) --

student support materials

These materials are attached to the AP Interactive website. Please keep in mind that much of the material here is in addition to material covered in class and, therefore, should not be overlooked.